How to Make Your Website Rank Top on Google, Yahoo and Bing?

If you want to do business online, you need to get your website to rank top on Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is because these 3 search engines have millions of traffic every day. If your website is listed high in the search results, you are going to get many targeted visitors to your website. In this article, let me share with you some tips to get your website top on search engine result listings.

1. Make sure you target the right set of keywords. If you target the wrong keywords, it is nearly impossible for you to beat even if it takes years of your time. This is because some keywords are just too competitive and the top ten listings are already occupied by authority websites. Unless your website is an authority site (with a PR of at least 7), I will not advise you to target keywords that are too competitive at the start. You should use Google keyword tool to identify two to three word key phrases that are related to what you offer on your website. Two to three word key phrases are not too competitive and you stand a higher chance to rank well with these keywords. Start off by optimizing these keywords and get some traffic. Once you have built the link popularity of your website, you can slowly move on to target shorter key phrases.

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2. Building inbound links consistently and gradually. Link building is the most important process when it comes to optimization. Long tail key phrases are easy to dominate on the search engines because they have little competition. But if you want to dominate the shorter tail key phrases, you need to work on link building. When it comes to link building, you should not do it in a hurry. Links should be gathered gradually and consistently over a period of time. When you are getting inbound links, include the keywords that you wish to target in the anchor text of the link. This will give you more relevancy and boost your link building effort.

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Here’s one more link building tip for you. Try to get back links from higher authority sites. If you can get a back link from a website with a PR of 6, it is better than getting 10 back links from a website with a PR of 1. Last but not least, link building is not a one-time process. In order to get results from it, you must do it consistently.

Source by Cheow Yu Yuan

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