How to Rank at First Page of Google in 3 Easy Steps – Rank at First Page of Google Guides

A proper search engine optimization and keyword selection will make your page rank at first page of Google for a particular keyword. This can be possible by submission of articles or building a domain with fresh contents in it.

Step 1

Find a keyword research tool which is able to show you the strength of competition at Google for a particular keyword. Use that keyword tool to search for the keyword of your choice to get them in bulks. Some keyword research tools are able to find similar keywords for you which have low competition at search engines. Take for instance, if you do a search for “credit cards” using a keyword research tool, it will return results with other similar keyword like “credit card gas rewards”. You see, someone searching for credit cards and credit card gas rewards have one thing in mind, though the type of credit card they are searching for differs. If you check at Google, you would see that the competition for credit cards as in the results returned, both search results and ad results, are very competitive compared to “credit card gas rewards”, which has a low results and less competitors. Some keyword research tools are able to give such keywords and its results with low competition at search engines. One of them is Micro Niche Finder. It will be able to show keywords people search at Google with low competitions.

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Step 2

Write an article with that keyword returned for you as one with a low competition at search engines. They could be many of them, write an article for each of the keywords. Include the keyword in its title, body, summary and other relevant places. Make the article a minimum of 500 words or above.

Step 3

After writing the article, submit it at EzineArticles or better still in order to take advantage of any visitor that visits your website; use that keyword to create a domain and publish the article at your domain. Write similar articles with different keywords – submit at EzineArticles and include a link back your domain name in the resource box of that written article. Submit your domain link to similar directories. Write about 5 articles of about 500 to 600 words each and submit it to that domain, make each article to represent a page. You could make your domain in form of a blog or menu with links to the title of each of the articles in every page. Relax for a week or 2, and watch your page appear at the first page of Google. Don’t forget to use Micro Niche Finder to find varieties of keywords with low competition at Google and use it to take advantage of any article you submit at EzineArticles or your domain.

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