How To Rank High With Google Search Engine

Google is the most powerful search engine online today and optimizing a website to guarantee high search engine rankings on it has become an increasingly difficult task because it works on a unique search engine algorithm. Google is all about relevancy and it is constantly changing how it retrieves its results. It mainly looks at things on your site like keywords, page ranking of your back links, link quality, etc.

Keywords are very important and they are typically the most popular and specific words used by a customer of Google to find the information they are looking for. For example, if they wanted to find more information about online stock market trading, they would enter ‘online stock market trading’ into their browser. The phrase ‘online stock market trading’ is the keyword they are using. By choosing the best keywords and using them in appropriate ad groups (i.e., Google AdWords pay per click ad campaign) you will be able to target the customers you want.

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Google gives a lot of value to link popularity. Back links can be further broken down to themed and relevant links, making it time consuming for you to generate a link factor that will help them (other site you’re linked to) rank well and visa versa. The more links from other sites to yours on the question of ‘online stock market trading”, the better because Google will think your site is answering that question and satisfying its customers’ needs. Another important task is to always put fresh content on your site letting the Google bots know it is alive and active.

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Furthermore, Google has the reputation for providing the most relevant results, so Yahoo and MSN usually follow suit. As a result what is working well in Google will more than likely work for both Yahoo and MSN killing; 3 birds with one stone.

Source by Derek Bijnaam

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