How to Rank Higher in Google’s Search Results Pages for Your Main Keyword Phrases

Next to making a profit, getting traffic is important. Google is the search engine that can deliver lots of free targeted visitors to your site.

When you can get a few top ten spots for popular keywords in Google, the amount of traffic from it can be greater than Yahoo! and MSN combined.

In fact, Google tells us your rank will improve if you raise the number of high-quality sites linking to you.

Website owners can increase the links pointing to them by accumulating two-way links. Two-way links involves two sites, which agree to link to each other, otherwise known as a link exchange. Discover the sites that link to your competitor and ask them for a link.

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Some of the SEO linking experts believe that Google favors one-way links more than two-way links. One-way links can come from many sources. Directories like Yahoo! or are good examples. However, they can be difficult to get into.

An easier and quicker way to accumulate one-way links is by submitting articles to article directories. Article directories provide webmasters content they have permission to reprint on their sites if a link to the author’s site remains intact.

When you submit your articles to these article directories, you don’t have to provide a reciprocal link to them. Since Google likes high-quality sites filled with content, these directories naturally rank well. Having your article in these directories will help boost your ranking in Google, and they can be direct sources of free-targeted traffic themselves.

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Other potential link sources include forum signatures, press-release sites, social book marking sites and weblogs.

Whether it’s a one-way or two-way link, make an effort to vary the keywords used in your links and have them point to different pages, not just your home page.

Don’t put all your efforts into just one type of link, either. SEO linking experts believe you should have a variety of links coming from different high-quality sites. It looks natural in the eyes of Google.

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