How to select an answering service for your small business

When you decide to start your own business, you have to start it small. You cannot expect the audiences to buy your products or avail of your services as soon as you enter into the market. Audiences have their preferred choices and it is your duty to attract them and keep them wanting your products or services. When you have to start a small business, for obvious reasons, your funds are low as well. With the limited financial resources you have to make sure you employ the best staff. While you may have a competitive staff at your disposal, it may get a little bit daunting to set a particular number of people aside just to take calls from the customers. It is one thing to serve your customers with all that you possibly can; it is quite another thing if you have to ask your staff to peel themselves from their area of expertise just to make sure that important calls from customers do not remain unanswered. It may cause a situation of panic when you have important work to be done but are bombarded with queries and feedback from customers, which, left unattended can cause a major loss in business as the buyers will take no time to shun your products or services and grab the first good deal they get from elsewhere, which, could be your competitor. To rescue you from this mess, you can take advantage of the live phone answering service.

This service is like a breath of fresh air and it provides much more organized flow of work in the business environment. Usually customers have various queries. Not all these queries require an executive to be spoken with. Having a 24 hour answering service is always advisable. You do not want to lose business as it comes knocking at your door. When you have a 24 hour service, you have a guaranteed chance that all customer queries will be answered. This will boost your sales and will make sure that the customers remain satisfied. This can be a strong changing point for your business as you take the step from a small business to a big one.

When you wish to avail of the live phone answering service, make sure that the whole process has been customized. Different sections should be made. Not everyone will have the same issues. The executives assigned to take queries should be competitive enough. Also, there should be services like voice mail and message alerts that must, in any case, be provided. Also, make sure that your answering service is never closed down for any reason if you want to maintain your client list. This includes vacations and holidays. There should be a 24 hour service available for all the days of the year. The company that you wish to select for answering the queries of the customers should also be willing to provide additional services like voice mail and faxing. Messaging alerts should also be setup in the event of urgency.

At any given point, a customer will be highly frustrated if his/her queries remain unanswered because of unavailability of an executive to answer queries. In such cases, one must make sure that there is always an executive to answer the calls. If not, there should be a service wherein the customer can leave a message and they should be reverted back to within a stipulated period of time to avoid losing a valuable client. All of these factors largely depend on your budget. If you are willing to invest a good amount in this service, the results will surely be fruitful.

Author’s bio:
Brooke has her business of selling custom made cakes and sweet treats and she swears by the virtual phone answering service. She claims that it was because of this service that she was constantly able to figure out her customers’ needs, demands and complaints when she was just starting out. It helped her make necessary changes and it eventually helped her business grow.

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