How to Set Up Email

With the widespread popularity of the internet and the accessibility of technology, emails have become one of the most accepted ways to communicate both for business and personal reasons. As such, many persons are setting up email accounts all over the world to tap into this time saving and powerful resource. Most persons opt to use web based email resources such as is available via providers like Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail. Web based email addresses are the most popular as they are often the easiest to set up and use.

As such, many new users will opt for one of these providers to set up email. Email addresses may be created or setup for business or personal reasons. Whether created for business or personal reasons, an email address when created becomes to some extent one’s internet identity. An email address will become the means by which you are identified within the context of the internet. Email addresses are not just useful for sending and receiving electronic messages, but they are also a useful tool for joining social networks and for subscribing to newsletter, services and the like online.


1. To begin setting up an email account, users can first conduct a web search using the words “create an email account” so as to find and compare that which is offered by the different web-based email clients. After finding an email service provider or web based client that is best suited to one’s need, click the “Sign Up” option.

2. After selecting “Sign Up”, users will be prompted to enter basic information about his or herself including “name”, “age” and a name for your email address. Users will also be prompted to create a password as this in combination with the email address name that you have chosen will aid in your accessing of your email account subsequent to creating it. Select or type in a security question relevant to remember your password. This will become particularly useful when a user have lost or forgotten his or her password and need to gain access to the account nonetheless.

3. One of the most important parts of the process of creating an email account will be the name that one chooses. One’s email address will be recorded as The name that persons choose will become their “˜username”. This username should be one that persons are comfortable with using for a long time to come.

4. After entering all the required information, select OK, at which point users will be taken to their inbox for the very first time. Be aware that persons may be asked to write a “˜captcha’ before selecting the OK button. This is an extra security feature that email service providers use to help safeguard against spamming and the like.


1. The name that is chosen by email users should Depend heavily on the purpose for your email account business or personal. If the purpose for the email address is personal, then, persons can choose any name they wish. However, if the purpose is business related, it would help that person consider a professional name, such as the name of the business or even a shortened version of the same. Professionals can also use their own name for business purposes. The type of business will also factor in how a professional will choose to represent his or herself within the context of an email address.

2. Passwords should be easy enough for you the user to remember but challenging enough that others may not be able to easily access and/or hack into your account. Also be careful to protect your password from others.

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