Ideas to Create Scavenger Hunt for Spooky Adventure

Are you fed up playing common games and want to do something different? It’s time to enjoy spooky adventures with scavenger hunt creator. This tool is readily available online. Let your friends feel the fear and solve the mystery. Create your own adventurous hunting games and provide some clues to solve them. You just need some unique ideas to create a Scavenger Hunt.

Ideas to Create Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Treasure hunt : You could choose any theme, such as party or pumpkin theme to create a Hunt. You could give some clues to help the players find the great pumpkin. Make ambiguous! Statements, so they take some time and (have to) use their brain. You could provide one clue for every next step, and the person who is going to solve this hunt would use that clue to find their destiny.

Birthday Cake Hunt :  Let your birthday guy find out the cake! You can create it for anyone including your friends, son/ daughter etc. and ask them to solve this puzzle on their big day. Choose a birthday theme and generate clues; don’t leave any loopholes to make it easy for them. You can also ask others to help birthday guy. Everyone would try to crack the nut and enjoy the party. Add some scary moments to make it spooky and adventures.

Christmas Gift Hunt :  Everyone loves to enjoy and play several games on this day. You can ask children to solve this mystery and win gifts. Clues and difficulty level would depend on their age, but make sure to choose Christmas theme to create this exploratory hunt. Decide your questions and clues and create it in a way that adds some joyful moments to your party. Let everyone win, because it’s a day when no one should be a loser.

Valentines Day Hunt :  On this big day for every couple, you can amaze your valentine with some surprising and scary hunt. Plan this day and create a scavenger hunt. Choose a valentine theme that can catch attention of your valentine. Make it more interesting by adding the same gift in the hunt that you want to present her/him on the occasion.

Above given are some ideas, though you can develop your own new ideas for scavenger hunt. After deciding your idea, you need to apply that and create the hunt. It will take some time and you need to follow some steps. Let me explain how you can create a scavenger hunt systematically and still easily…

Steps to use scavenger hunt creator

  • Decide your idea first. Make a list and choose the most suitable one for your hunt. You can find several theme options. For example, if you are choosing a Halloween theme, then choose a theme related to it.
  • Choose the best theme design possible; you would get several different designs for your theme.
  • After selecting the design, you need to plan some clues for this treasure hunt. You can get some options and suggestions from online resources. Alternatively, you can create your own.
  • Once it’s done, save your work and the creator will do the rest for you.

There are some free websites where you can create the hunt for free; they only ask for registration. However, there are also a few paid sites that offer some extra features. Download their creator and follow the steps given above to create yours treasure hunt.

Author Bio:  Shaly Criston loves to play games and make them more interesting. He loves to create Halloween Scavenger Hunt games and then ask his friends to solve it.

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