Increase Website Traffic With Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is just what it sounds like; You pay someone to advertise you. Whether it be someone advertising online or not, paid advertising can be VERY EFFECTIVE if you do it right. Paying for hits to your website is a big no-no. But, paying someone to advertise your website/business is a big green light. This is probably one of the most effective ways to get word of your website out there. It doesn’t take long. It doesn’t even take a lot of work. It’s a lot easier than driving a marketing and advertising campaign through any other means.

Paying someone to advertise you isn’t that hard at all. It can be done in various ways. But, first it’s a good idea to check out the website who you want to advertise you. You should be looking for a high page rank through Google or Alexa. Check and see how many hits they get at the website. If they get a steady flow of high traffic it may be in your best interest to advertise there.

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As always, try and advertise on websites that have similar content to what you offer. This is the best way to receive targeted traffic to your market. Otherwise you will just get a lot of hits and no sales. People that are not looking for that subject matter will click away almost immediately. While people already interested in the same content will be more likely to look around. Website browsers usually equal sales.

One of the best ways to find a website page rank is through a website cost estimator tool. This will show you a lot more than just page rank. A good website cost estimator tool will show you things such as, Google and Alexa page rank. You can see how many consistent hits they receive. How long their website has been around and even how much the website is worth. You can use these tools for free right here and here.

Now that you have some good tools to check how popular a website is, you can go shopping for a place to advertise. You can look around on related websites through a search engine. If you find a good website with ad space available, contact the website and ask if you can advertise there. The worst that can happen is they don’t respond.

Most websites that offer ad space will usually have a slot or two available with quotes like “advertise here for $25 a month”. Even if they don’t have this kind of space available, always ask. This is probably the easiest way to acquire an ad spot on another website.

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There are also places like Payperpost and reviewme that you can pay someone to write a post or article about your business or website. You can pay to be on some very high traffic blogs like This is a sure fire way to drive lots of traffic to your website. You can get thousands of hits in a matter of hours from high traffic blogs around the internet.

Paid advertising can be very effective if you go to the right sources. Shop around and find some good prices on websites to advertise on around the internet. There are literally millions of websites and blogs out there willing to advertise you. Get going and use your head!

Source by Lisa Page

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