For More Than Just Furniture: Bamboo For All Your Home Needs

The green movement is sweeping the world, and if you are concerned about the Earth and the environment, then you will want to do what you can to protect the Earth’s natural resources. Too many times consumer items are made from materials that are not biodegradable, like plastics and chemical polymers, and those items cause serious damage to the Earth when they are put into landfills. The answer to the problem of eco-friendly consumer goods is not the rejection of consumption, but rather a focus on renewable and eco-friendly materials. For centuries bamboo has been an important construction material in Southeast Asia, but modern manufacturing techniques have made it possible to use bamboo in new ways.


When you typically think about bamboo, sheets are probably not the image that you conjure in your mind. Most people tend to think of bamboo as very rigid and wooden, not something that you would ever choose to sleep on, but the truth is that bamboo fibers make one of the best bedding materials in the world. The fibers are incredibly soft and durable, which allows the sheets to breathe so that they can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Bamboo sheets are also extremely hypo-allergenic, so there is nothing in the fibers that will disturb your allergies and keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. Finally, studies are now showing that bamboo sheets have certain anti-microbial properties that will help to stop the spread of disease through your sheets. Even after just a few nights on bamboo sheets you will start to feel the difference and you will wake up feeling better than you ever have before.


Another area where bamboo is making strides into the eco-friendly consumer market is with electronic goods. The light weight of bamboo makes it ideal for use with most electronic devices, while the durability of the bamboo ensures that it will work well to protect those devices from harm. New iPhone and iPad cases offer a stylish and unique way to keep the device safe, while still being eco-friendly. Bamboo speakers look better than plastic speakers, and they provide a better overall sound quality. Finally, bamboo keyboards and mice help to eliminate excessive plastic in landfills by creating a long-lasting and desirable alternative to traditional solutions.


When it comes to sports equipment you want things that are strong, but do not want things that weigh a lot. In the case of bicycles and skateboards, bamboo is the perfect choice. A bamboo bike frame has many of the same characteristics of polymer or carbon fiber frames, but it comes at a much lower cost. Even under the most extreme riding conditions you will find that your bamboo bike can handle the test and works well to do what you want to do on the street, or off-roading. Skateboards and longboards made from bamboo will last a long time. They have the strength to stand up to damage when you do tricks, and the board is exceptionally light so that it is easy to carry from place to place.

Thinking about bamboo as something that can only be used for furniture or flooring puts a limit on the most versatile natural material on Earth. When you are in the market for consumer goods of any kind check out bamboo alternatives and see if bamboo has something to offer.

I am Albert Hughes, and my family has been using bamboo products in my home for the last five years. I was skeptical at first, but my wife and I searched sites like Bambooki and we were blown away at the variety of choices we had.

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