Lazy Eye Surgery – Secret to Cure Lazy Eye Without Surgery

Have you ever heard lazy eye?

Yes, you are right. This ailment is also well known as amblyopia. It can not be helped by either corrective glasses or lenses. It does not happen due to an eye disease but more so a neurological problem. In other words, the poor eyesight takes place in the brain.

Research also found that 3% of children under 6 years old have amblyopia problem. The most common cause is a strabismus. That is why amblyopia must be taken care at the very early age. At least as soon as you realized you are diagnosed a lazy eye.

How does a surgery help to cure amblyopia?

Lazy eye surgery is the only choice when a non surgical treatment can not fix the ailment. Surgery will help to strengthen the eye muscles which allow both eyes to work together properly in a much better way. Like any other surgery, it is also risky and of course more expensive than if you take the natural treatment.

Here is the secret to cure lazy eye without surgery.

If you ever heard about vision therapy, then you will believe that most of eyes problem including lazy eyes or amblyopia can be absolutely cured. No matter how old you are, the eye exercises will fully help you to cure the ailment. At the same time to maintain your healthy eyes. Many people from any ages have been successful through this series eye exercises.

Follow these two simple steps to cure or minimize the symptoms of amblyopia:

1. Patching

It is usually called by a method of covering one eye for a certain period of time. The better seeing-eye will be patched for a few weeks. This way will force the lazy eye to work properly. After some time, the vision will be strengthened by itself.

2. Medication

Here you will use eye drops to blur the good eye in order to force the lazy eye to work properly.

Source by Angela Lim

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