Learn What Makes Digg Earn $250,000 Per Month From AdSense

Digg.com is a social marketing site allows registered users to publish any site on news, video and pictures. People who view the published sites, can “digg it” the sites that they like. If a site get enough “digg it”, it will appears in the front page of Digg.com. The advantage of this is, the published site will get high volume of visitor traffic from Digg.com. Digg.com was started by Kevin Rose in December 2004. Today, the site is rumored to be earning $250,000 per month mainly from AdSense alone.

I did some researches and analysis on Digg.com. I found the following facts about Digg.com:

1. Has a very unique theme which allow registered users to publish and “digg it’ sites. Those sites that have high “digg it” will get listed in the front page of Digg.com which will attract high volume of visitor traffic.

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2. Is a social marketing site. Most social marketing sites attract high volume of visitors.

3. Has 15.1 million indexed pages. High indexed pages mean very high volume of postings.

4. Has a very PR of 8. The higher the PR, the more often Google will crawl to your site.

5. Has Alexa Rank of 164 and strong ranking in many countries. Site with the high visitors get rank 1. Example of such sites are Google, YouTube, etc.

The above analysis gives you an idea why Digg.com is earning $250,000 per month. It may not give you a guaranteed formula of earning high AdSense money. But it serves as an informative guide on where you should set the direction of your SEO and SEM efforts. Learn from the expert who make high AdSense Money. Here is the full fact sheet.

Full Fact Sheet about Digg.com

Home Page title: All News, Videos, & Images

Keywords: Digg, Digg.com, news, images, videos, vote, content.

Page Description: Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by our users.

Google PR: 8

Google indexed pages: 15.1 million

Alexa Rank: 164

Where people go on Digg.com:

99.7% digg.com

0.1% m.digg.com

0.1% labs.digg.com

0.1% apidoc.digg.com

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0.0% feeds.digg.com

Digg.com users come from these countries:

41.9% United States

14.5% India

5.0% United Kingdom

3.8% Pakistan

3.0% Canada

Digg.com traffic rank in other countries:

61 Australia

56 Bangladesh

97 Canada

765 China

296 Egypt

409 Germany

63 India

91 Indonesia

624 Iran

510 Italy

2,544 Japan

190 Malaysia

318 Netherlands

26 Pakistan

125 Philippines

170 Romania

1,484 Russia

413 Saudi Arabia

67 South Africa

186 Sweden

414 Turkey

94 United Kingdom

59 United States

Average Load Time for Digg.com

Very Slow (6.383 Seconds), 88% of sites are faster.

Source by Thomas Wong

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