Love, Wisdom, Health, Peace and Happiness by Dream Interpretation

Everything in your life is important but nothing is as important as love and happiness. Health and peace are also indispensable if you want to be really happy, which only wisdom can provide you, since everything that happens with you in your life depends on your attitude.

You need guidance from your dream’s messages.

The dreams you see when you sleep are not confused images without meaning. You cannot understand their language, but they do have a meaning and you’ll be able to verify this fact after seeing how they are relate to your life and after learning many things by interpreting them.

Dream interpretation is a translation from images to words, instead of the usual translation between words of one language to another. We interpret dreams in the same way that we may interpret a literary text for example, because we try to understand the hidden meaning of the dream as if it were poetry.

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I investigated Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, and I realized that he discovered the unique correct method for exactly translating the dream symbols. I continued his research in the unknown region of the psychic sphere, and I was able to provide very clear definitions of each dream symbol, in order to elucidate dream interpretation as opposed to the complicated method that was used in the past.

Jung’s students still interpret dreams, while I simply translate them and the reality we live in. My method is a simplified version of Jung’s method. By following my method, you can have information without dreams, by interpreting everything that happens to you in your real life in the same way that you interpret what happens in your dreams.

How is this possible?

You can have information about everything by interpreting reality in the same way that you translate dream messages. This is because everything in our planet has a symbolic meaning and depends on our personal attitude. The energy of our thoughts and intentions is reflected in what happens to us and our lives.

Therefore, everything you need to do is to care for your dreams when you go to bed and write them down when you awaken. If you don’t have time to write them as soon as you wake up, write them later in a notebook. Start doing this today and you’ll be very grateful for my advice.

Your dreams are a treasure! You have to start translating your dreams in order to understand how to translate the symbolic meaning of reality. The knowledge that you acquire surpasses the knowledge of humanity thus far because the wise unconscious that produces the dreams is a genius and it will transform you into a genius as well.

For you, love will be perfect because you’ll have a perfect personality. You will understand everything, prevent what could go bad, correct in advance what seems wrong, organize your life the way you like and have everything under control because you will not be a slave of the wild conscience that constantly tries to cause craziness to your human conscience.

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You will completely eliminate the danger of depression or neurosis and you’ll be a superior human being.

Your psychological and physical health will be guaranteed if you precisely follow the guidance you receive in your dreams. You can be cured even if you have a disease that no human doctor can diagnose or even if you have a disease that is terminal.

If you are a devoted student and an obedient patient, love, wisdom, health, peace and happiness will follow you for life, no matter how many problems and diseases you have today!

Source by Christina Sponias

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