Make Money Online For Newbies – Make Money Online Now, Newbies!

“Make money online” seems to be a hot topic these days. This article is to show people who have no experience in Internet money making (newbies) what they need to know to make money online.

First of all, a few things that a newbie should NEVER do/think when they try to make money online:

Never think that making money online is an easy task, you still have to WORK, you have to spend time and effort! There’s no “automated” ways, newbies always have this wrong notion in mind because of all the scam sites out there.

Never look for FAST money, making money online is like any other jobs, it is possible that you can pump up US$1000 on the first day but it takes skills! Experience and valuable ebooks will bring you skills.

Never work for companies to make money online (like surveys, data entry) which most of the newbies like to fall for. They are all scams and their targets are always toward newbies. Even the ones that you can join for free will never pay you. The best way to make money online is to do Internet Marketing. (Which i will explain a little bit further later).

Never pay to work. You never have to pay to make money online as a newbie! The only things that are worthy of spending money on are useful, and very valuable ebook tutorials to learn how to make money online without spending any money, not even on advertising!
Best way to make money online for newbies:

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Internet Marketing – Internet marketing (Affiliate Marketing) is to connect a service/product to potential clients. Affiliate marketing is one way of making people rich. There are thousands of Affiliates who are making US$5000-10000 each and everyday. All you have to do is to sign up for affiliate programs (For Free) then use the different skills that you can learnt from ebooks like “Who Loves Money” to promote for products without spending any money. Whenever people make a purchase, you will be given a commission instantly. For a newbie, if you learn enough skills from the Top products for newbies like Who Loves Money eBook and Wealthy Affiliate to promote for products, you will usually make $100-500 a day, depends on how many products you are promoting at a time, it requires time to do research on what to promote. Therefore, the more time you spend in this field, the more campaigns you will have and the more money you will be making!


Q: I don’t live in the US, Canada or UK. Would I be able to do internet marketing?

A: Anyone who has an internet connection can make money from doing internet marketing, from any country!

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Q: Is it hard to learn Internet Marketing?

A: From my experience, I got a bit overwhelmed by all these new information at the beginning, however, it is just like math, once you know the concept, you will understand and also know how to be flexible on many situations.

Q: How much money can I make as a newbie?

A: It is really UNLIMITED! It depends on how much effort you are willing to put on it everyday! Many of the affiliate programs offer 50 – 75% commission, so if the product is $100 and you make 5 sales a day (Which is not hard to achieve), your income that day would be 75$ x 5 = $375. And this is just for ONE product.

If you are willing to put effort in Internet Marketing instead of looking for quick ways to make money online, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY!

It doesn’t require any special skills like being a doctor or lawyer and it is not rocket science.

Source by Aimee Miller

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