Make Money Online For No Cost – 3 Tips to Make Money Online Without Spending a Dime

Have you ever wondered if it was actually possible to make money online for no cost? I have always believed to be successful you have to treat your business like a business. I have personally invested over $10,000 in seminars, training, and mentoring to get to where I am today. However, I realize there are a lot of people online that are not in the same financial position as me to invest into these types of mentoring programs. So I did some braining storming this week and thought about how a person could actually start to make money online for no cost.

First thing you need to do is get a free blogging account at or the many other free blogging platforms available online. Next step in this cost free money making process would be to get another free account at ClickBank. If you are not familiar with ClickBank, it is an online site that matches product owners to product promoters. Basically, you get paid a commission if you sell a product or service for the product owner. Once you sign up, you can search the ClickBank database on over 12,000 products and services to promote. They will provide you with an affiliate link that you can begin to promote and make commission every time someone buys threw your link.

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Now go to your free blog and start writing reviews about the products you are promoting. Then simply hyperlink your affiliate links on your best keywords in your blog post. Be selective with your links, if every fifth word is a link Google will identify you as a spammer. One thing about blogs is that Google absolutely loves them and gives them high ranking in the search engines. This is mostly due to the fact that Google see’s blogs as fresh relevant content. Now with that said if you want to get on the first page of Google, you are going to need to use high ranking keywords with low competition.

You can write the best review of the product you are promoting but you won’t make a cent if you end up on page 754 in the search engine. I highly encourage using a keyword research solution like Wordtracker. However, if you want to make money online for no cost you can use the free keyword tool that Google provides to find keywords that will allow you to get top ranking in the search engines.

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Although it is possible to make money online for no cost, you are extremely limited in the way you will be able to market online. When I begin to coach and mentor someone about how to make money online, I always tell them you need three things to become successful. A Website or Blog, A keyword research tool, and a marketing strategy to get you top organic rankings in Google.

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