Microsoft’s Xbox 720 – Updrates & Rumors Roundup

If we are to believe the leaks and rumors, we will see the new Xbox being unveiled this spring or summer.
The speculation regarding the specifications, features and pricing have hit the industry like a tsunami. Let’s check out the more interesting of them:

  • Microsoft has never shied away from exotic names before.  Rumors are that the new Xbox is being called the Durango, the 720, and even the innocuous Loop. What it will be finally labeled as is anyone’s guess.
  • СPU is supposedly a 16 core IBM chip named Oban which will make this machine the King of Gaming Consoles, if it’s true. This is six times as powerful as current gaming consoles in the market. It will be supported by a graphics chip from Southern Islands, on the lines of AMD’s Radeon 6000 series. This means support for DirectX 11, 1080p HD and multi display capability.
  • The use of this console may necessitate a continuous internet connection so that the game can be authenticated by Microsoft. This seems to be a move to end pirated and used games through their algorithms. But this is as yet unconfirmed; after all, this could gain them some negative publicity.
  • Certain industry analysts think that Microsoft may partner with Comcast to dominate your living rooms. There’s a rumor that Microsoft may offer the console at just a hundred bucks provided you sign a contract for cable TV with Comcast. The console would also function as your tuner, in that case, and also be a hub of media services for your mobile devices. This is not entirely impossible, and if it happens, we could be witness to one of the biggest changes in the home entertainment scene.
  • It is probable that the Xbox could feature a Blu-ray player. This could very well happen, especially if Microsoft is aiming to rule the American living room.
  • It’s also likely that the Kinect will be built into the new Xbox. The possible inclusions: ability to read lips, track finger movements and other small gestures and to gauge user mood by voice tone and facial expressions. Supposedly the latest Kinect iteration will have the ability to track movements for up to 4 players and have a camera of better quality. It will also supposedly create a space that will be more adaptable, enabling players to move around as they play, rather than staying quietly in one place. This makes sense, since the Kinect sold like hot cakes when it was first introduced.
  • IT is also believed that Microsoft will have its own touchscreen controller and reports suggest that is way smoother than Wii’s U tablet. Sources suggest it is black, in matte finish and the media hub’s mission is to bring games to life with increased reality, directional sound and the Kinect. Though, if this were to be done, it would no doubt shoot up the costs, and consequently the selling price.

There are also rumors that there could be two versions of the Xbox at launch: one for the casual user and the other for the hardcore. It is also believed that the new console could have DVR functionality. Well we will know when we get our hands on it!

This is a guest post by Sofia Fern. She is a guest writer who writes more about digital cable and high speed internet. To get more information, click here now.

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