Mums: How to Keep Your Kids Germ Free This Winter

Sharing is not always a good habit: All parents love to teach their little ones the value of sharing- except when it comes to sharing their germs! As per research studies, pre-schoolers are most susceptible to catching cold as they have an immune system that is pretty much under development. Also, these little ones spend a lot of time with other kids their age and are not always careful about washing their hands or using tissues. These factors add up to the fact that little ones catch as many as eight colds annually. Then as if to stress their moral values, they generously share it all with the family members.

Protecting your kids in the cold and flu season: Although it may seem to mums that colds and kids are two inseparable entities, there is nothing much to fear. Human beings are surrounded by germs and the little ones are likely to mingle with children at school who have a cold. Avoiding germs is an impossible task but protecting oneself against them is something that can be practised. Here are some healthy habits for mums to follow in a bid to protect their children against germs this winter season.

  • Consume sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits: Add a rainbow of colors to your little one’s platter every day and encourage them to have it all. Be innovative with barbecued pineapples and boiled grapefruit, cut the fruits into different shapes and add a yogurt dip alongside. Freeze a banana or a bunch of grapes and dip them in some chocolate. Use some spaghetti sauce on thickened chilli and the kids will surely love them.
  • Yogurt is a must: Yogurt contains bacteria that helps raise the body’s immunity against cold. Have yogurt dips for apples, banana or melons, put a spoonful in a morning shake or simply include them as an ingredient in the kids’ cereals.
  • Have lots of fluids: Unadulterated fruit juice or plain water is very effective in keeping the body well hydrated and flushing out the waste products. Add grapes, strawberries, frozen melons and lemon to a glass of water for a fun drink. Create a treat that the kids will love by filling a fancy glass with cranberry juice, passion fruit, pineapple and oranges.
  • Have everything washed: Remote controls, telephones, light switches and doorknobs are the most common sources through which germs get shared in the household. Make the kids wash their face and hands as a precautionary measure, even though they may not be dirty. Get them habituated to washing after school hours, prior to meals and also before going to bed.
  • Regular exercise: Daily physical activity not only increases oxygen flow and keeps the heart in good shape but it also increases the ability of the human body to protect itself against germs.
  • Daily vitamins are a must: Any gap that may be left in the diet can be covered by the right dosage of vitamins. Calcium, vitamin B12 and D, Omega and Multi are all useful for maintaining a healthy level of immunity in the body. Mums need to ensure that the kids get their fair share of these vitamins.
  • Proper sleep: When a person gets the right amount of rest, their body is supplied with the energy that it requires to ward off all danger from flu bearing virus and bacteria. So stop the kids from spending that extra hour in front of the television and instead insist on them going to bed early. Prevention, after all, is always better than cure!

Let the kids have an enjoyable winter: A strong immune system is the best defense the body can have against all forms of illness. A healthy diet comprising vitamins, grains and sufficient amounts of protein coupled with sufficient amount of physical activity, rest and fresh air will undoubtedly allow the kids to enjoy this winter season.

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