NEBOSH: A Vocational Course Ideally Meant For Job Seekers

Over the years, NEBOSH or rather National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health has evolved as a major player that has successfully made many skillful candidates with a penchant for safety and health achieves their dream job. Everyone wants to find a job that will fetch them highest possible monetary benefits. However, there is an exception to this rule as well.

There are candidates for whom pecuniary benefits do not occupy that same status as their own dream and aspirations. All such candidates who have always dreamt of serving humanity at some or other stage in their life can find this regulatory authority to be a Godsend for them.

The regulatory authority functions within territorial waters of UK. Anyone who desires to take some form of training in field of health and safety may take examination stipulated in this regard. There are agencies and institutions who conduct examinations that judge abilities in a candidate who wants to join health and safety industry. Since, these are the fields that are actually connected to precious human life, any tom, dick and harry cannot deliver demands of these sectors. That is the reasons why it necessitates judging candidates knowledge, strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, etc.

Whenever an examination has to take place, this must adhere to a certain set of guidelines and a specific syllabus. This is where NEBOSH mostly plays a role of a regulatory authority. Since it is more of a ‘watchdog’ rather than a ‘bloodhound’ in character, its primary function is to prescribe a specific syllabus, which one needs to follow to successfully pass an examination. It is in this reference that it lays down applicable assessment procedures that are to be followed to judge a candidates performance. Those candidates who successfully clear such examinations are than awarded degrees and diplomas. Some of the popular degrees and diplomas include, National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, International Certificate in Construction Health and Safety, National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management, etc.

You need to remember one particular aspect very clearly. NEBOSH does not conduct any form or type of examinations of its own. Instead, it authorizes various institutions, organizations, semi-governmental bodies, etc. to conduct these examinations. That makes one thing crystal- clear for the last time – it is a nodal agency only.

NEBOSH certified training and courses have become very popular among jobseekers. This acquires special importance from jobseekers mainly because these days of recessionary and inflationary market conditions that have forced many companies to think about cutting their costs. Therefore, under these circumstances it is very difficult to find a suitable job that would ensure adequate monetary benefits and give you a scope to fulfill your dream. It is in this regards, services of SETA is praise worthy that has helped millions to grab their dream job. Providing Employment and Training are two basic areas where it specialize.

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