Page Rank – Does It Matter Anymore?

If you want to optimize your website and took a look at some of the SEO blogs and SEO resources you probably ran across page rank. Page Rank is a metric invented by Google that was supposed to show how popular a website is in the eyes of their algorithm, it worked like a charm at first, but now it’s not important anymore.

This is a great way to spot an SEO company that has no clue what they are talking about. If they emphasize link building using only do follow links and claim that they can get you a guaranteed top rank as well as talking about the importance of rank, you should get as far away from them as possible. These are all old school methods that don’t work so well any more.

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Page rank has very little to do with your ranking now. Google and other search engines look at the importance of a website and its authority based on several factors, pagerank is not among them. What is important for your website is the age, quality of the content, high quality links pointing to your website and the trust Google has in the owner of the website. But trust is something you build over the years, so for new websites it is not a high impacting factor.

The bottom line is that page rank has turned only into a decoration metric that shows other people how Google sees your website. It doesn’t mean that if you achieve a high rank that you will rank highly in Google, which is a big mistake. There are plenty of websites with page rank 1 dominating the top of Google with website that have page rank 6 behind them. So if someone says to you that you need to improve your rank in order to get the top rank, that person has no clue what he or she is talking about.

Source by Stan John

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