Pills And Drugs Cannot Help Loosing Fat Useful Tips

Our body fat cells grow larger hence deforming the shape of our body. By getting control on fat cells we can make sure that we only consume the required amount of fat to be stored in fat cells and burn the extra one. There are several ways to get control over body naturally. You do not need to have any drugs for that as they have side effects.


    Junk food seems tempting and mouth watering and you simply cannot resist gobbling it all but stop! In order to gain something, you have to lose something too. So sacrifice the junk food in order to get fit in your favorite dress. Of course your health is much important than a 15 min junk charm.

    TIP: Search and find different unique healthy recipes and try them out. They are more fascinating than the common everyday junk food.


    Vegetables are fillers. They fill your need to have a meal but provide you very low calories. Take protein rich diet twice in a day and whenever you feel hungry in between take green vegetables. They will deal with your hunger without adding calories to you.

    TIP: Blend mint, garlic and ginger and make paste. Now take this paste with every meal as sauce. This tasty sauce will really burn your fats.


    We live in a world where time passes like a bullet train. We are too busy in our routine work that we give priority to our work over our meals. Than we just gobble out everything in hurry.

    Take out some extra time for your health. Eat slowly. Our brain takes around twenty minutes to realise that we are full. So don’t gobble a lot of food in ten minutes, eat slowly and concentrate on your proper chewing of food.

    Concentrate the amount you are taking in. You will be surprised to notice that you will feel full with a smaller amount of food.

    TIP: When you take a morsel, leave utensils. Chew it properly and again hold the utensils for the second morsel when you have completely swallowed the first one.


    Sugar and honey both are sweeteners. Both fulfil the same purpose but it’s surprising to know that sugar increases the fat while honey proves to reduce it. So start taking honey in place of sugar.

    TIP: Take one spoon full of honey in Luke warm water every morning before your breakfast. It will melt down your accumulated fat.


    Deficiency of vitamin D is a major cause of obesity. When we were created, we use to roam about in the lands naked. Our whole body was exposed to sunlight which is the main source of vitamin D.

    Now our bodies are covered up and sunlight is also got contaminated with ultraviolet rays and polluting factors so sunlight alone is not efficient to get required amount of Vitamin D. So eat Vitamin D food source like salmon fish, egg, mushrooms and tuna fish etc

    TIP: Place your ankle for few minutes in direct sunlight. Ankle absorbs the maximum vitamin D from sunlight in our complete body.

    Health is Wealth, so one should be very careful regarding health.  Walk, exercise, a little check on the food intake and a little change in everyday lifestyle can make us healthy and strong.

Drugs are not good for health. They may give you your desired results but always leave side effects which destroy your health and make you use drugs again to cure them. So rule on your body, mind and health naturally.

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