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Pockie Ninja Action Game by NGames

Pockie Ninja is an action game of anime style. This is very popular arcade online game which is playing on its official site and facebook.

There are 2 popular series in this game Naruto & Bleach Inspired. There are a lot of features when you play the game. Main character of the game “Pockie Ninja” launched with single name, account and character with different classes to play.

Pockie Ninja’s battle play is versus mode where 1 on 1 fight battle. All of the game characters are uncontainable and skills will be triggered by chance. The result of the battle is based on collected fundamental of Village like character level, pet, skill pets etc.

First step is the game of selection of village to complete and represent series of quests to start learning the way of the ninja world. Unlock more places to complete task while playing game. Also enjoy with other game features like collection of required items, equipments and outfits to synthesize your favorite outfits (characters).

Also build your own unique equipments and set of skills. Check of your tactics and battle skills by joining the World Tournaments, National Leagues and Game’s Arenas.

Pockie Ninja 1st Anniversary Celebration, Rich Reward for you

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