Precautions Keep X-Ray Technicians Safe

Being an X-ray technician is both a rewarding and interesting career. One has the opportunity to help find the missing link to diagnose patients and learn more about the inside of the body and how it works. However, as a technician, one is operating several different pieces of machinery and working with many patients throughout the workday. For this reason, one must take the necessary safety precautions to protect both their patients and themselves.

The safety procedure begins with the tiniest of details. Disinfecting the equipment and one’s hands is vitally important. This defends the patients and workers from any infection that previous patients that came in contact with the equipment might be carrying. One operating the X-ray machinery should remember to wear gloves and goggles at all times. This also will protect against infection and the spread of germs. Anyplace that has patients that are being tested should be a sterile environment as to not contaminate the results. The gloves will also protect the X-ray technician from any unfamiliar and harmful chemicals that they are required to use.

Both the patient and X-ray technician should be protected from radiation by wearing the proper protective bearers, such as a lead apron or lead vest. The patient should have the areas that are not being X-rayed covered to avoid any unnecessary exposure. One can also enforce radiation protection by making sure that the machine settings are appropriate and not emitting too much radiation. Emitting too much radiation to a patient or oneself can raise the risk for skin cancer to form, depending on the how frequently the machine is used. The employee should take extra precaution and step behind the protective wall while wearing the lead apron.

An X-ray technician should also protect themselves from physical pain and harm. Sometimes, the technician is required to move the equipment used. If the equipment is too large or heavy, the technician should not hesitate to ask for assistance. If one overextends themselves, they could greatly hurt their back or possibly break a bone. It is their responsibility to make sure that they are using the correct safety measures to keep both themselves and their patients free of harm.

Anyone who works in the medical field, whether they are a doctor, X-ray technician or nurse, should practice keeping themselves and others safe. X-ray technicians have a unique job that has the ability to change a patient’s life. In order to continue succeeding at that job, one must learn and practice the proper way to keep everyone safe.

Source by Jeremy P Stanfords

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