Questions To Ask Your SEO Expert When Hiring

Search engine optimization experts can do a lot for your content as far as making it visible and valuable is concerned. On your part, however, you should ensure that you are hiring the right people for the job ahead of you. Asking important SEO questions can help you make the right decision increasing your success rates with the efforts you put into SEO.

1. What SEO experience do you have?

It is not enough to have experience, but also the right kind of experience around the search engine optimization in your field. The more familiar the expert is with your business or your topics the easier it will be for him to deliver quality results with the services that you need. Experience also means that he can handle the project fast and efficiently to help you leg up on your competition. Listen to how he handles this question to help you gauge his abilities in relation to your expectations.

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2. What SEO techniques will you employ?

Again, it is not enough to know the best techniques for your niche but also how to apply the same to get the best search engine results. You can listen to the explanation and relate it to what you already know about the techniques to tell whether he knows what he is talking about. Even if you know nothing about the techniques, you can check them up later and relate to the response that you got to determine the suitability of the expert in handling your project. It is very helpful to find out as much as you can about the techniques and tools so you make informed decisions every time.

3. What SEO techniques will you avoid?

The question will basically help you know whether your service provider knows about techniques that can land your website into trouble with search engines. An expert who handles this question by listing the harmful, illegal SEO strategies like scraping, spamming, use of doorway pages, stuffing and hidden texts is definitely aware of search engine content guidelines and will offer you the best results.

4. Can I see your previous work and referrals?

A professional who is experienced enough for the job will not have trouble showing you websites he has worked on, search results and even analytics reports to demonstrate how competitive he is through previous successes. When you get to see what he has achieved and what the referrals have to say about his services, you will be better placed to know if he is what you are looking for.

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5. What kind of results should I expect and within what time frame?

Avoid experts who promise you overnight traffic results because it can take quite a while for you to start enjoying the fruits of SEO. The expert can only take you there using a timeframe that is realistic, so pay attention to the response and how he plans to get you the expected results during that period.

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