Rethink your Opinion, Blogging is here to Stay!

Do you happen to write a blog?How often do you write?Do you use it to promote business?If not, why not?

Like many other social media tools blogging has become one of them and today it’s not just about writing how you feel, instead it has open the gates to a whole new form of marketing, entrepreneurship and media! The latest trends in the past year have shown dramatic increase in the popularity of blogs. Research has shown that around 3 million blogs are opened every month! So this portrays that blogging is a tool worth maximizing and understanding and no doubt that blogging is here to stay!

Why trust in Blogs?

If you don’t believe in blogs then I am sure by the end of this article your view will be changed. Here we go…

Bloggers are youthful, educated and motivated

The first reason to believe in blogging is that these are not some ranting teenagers, although this is how it all started, but bloggers are inspirational and educated writers whose brilliant minds are pouring ideas. These ideas are flowing out to get in the real word and can make some real difference if given a chance. So don’t take blogging as a whim instead it’s time to take it seriously!

Blogs create Brand Awareness and Exposure

Blogs nowadays are considered to be a new form of promoting brands. Popular bloggers are now taken as brand ambassadors of some famous brands just because their blog is widely viewed. Through blogs you get a chance to connect to millions of consumers across the world. Business has become blog friendly now and there are about 72 million blogs which are business oriented. So it’s time to foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

Increasing number of consumers trust blogs

As noted before, consumers get most information about the product through friends and internet. Recent studies have shown that among the information obtained through the internet, consumers relyon what they receive through blogs more than Facebook or Twitter. This makes blogs the perfect source to gain consumer’s trust and loyalty!

Blogging is linked with Social media

Bloggers are inspiration people who take insights from social media. They spent a lot of time visiting social networking websites. Additionally they spent time reading other blogs which shows the information they put up is authentic and comes from versatile sources.

Bloggers earn money!

This simple reason is enough to speak volumes about the authentication of blogs. If blogging wasn’t such a hit than it would have died down like a fad in a couple of months! But the trend keeps on rising and bloggers are making good money out of it.
Blogging is form of expressing thoughts for writers and provides them a platform where they share ideas and valuable information. But today it is much more than that! And the one who doesn’t realize the worth of blogging and does not believe in it, is missing out an incredible portion of blogosphere evolution!

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