Search Engine Traffic – How to Finally Get a Highly Competitive Top 10 Ranking in Your Niche

Have you been frustrated about the fact that you can’t get a top 10 ranking for your best keyword in your niche market? In this article I want to show you exactly how you can get that ranking the easy way so you can increase your profits now.

Make Sure You Don’t Do This:

If you are just starting out you have to make sure you don’t make the fatal mistake that other people make. That is focusing on trying to rank for the highest search volume term in your market.

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That is the worst thing you can do because you are new & it can take you years to get that ranking.

The reason is that most of your competitors who are in the top 10 right now have probably been doing it for a long time.

Not only that – Google will not trust your site if it is new. You have to prove yourself. So make sure you are not focused on getting that one ranking.

Use This Strategy First:

If you want to do it the right way what you need to do is focus on trying to get a group of keywords ranked verses just one.

They must be related as you can easily get five or ten related terms ranked that are long tail verses getting one that is very competitive.

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Once you start to see the first group get some rankings and visitors, your next step should be to focus on finding another group that you can work on.

Eventually if you do this right, you can start to see visitors come to your site from literally thousands of terms and you don’t have to worry about losing your rankings as you are now diversified.

Source by Jason Nyback

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