SEO 2020 Review – Good Content, Social Networking and Viral Marketing

Just when I think I’m getting the hang of it, something new pops into view. It promises to make it so much easier and profitable. The questions always come to mind, am I really making this way more difficult that it needs to be? My answer: Probably!

Watching Charles Heflin’s SEO 2020 video didn’t change my response at all. In fact, I asked myself that very question over and over. Just how hard am I making this for myself?

Charles gives a clear description and a great visual for building a viral internet marketing machine by doing two important steps. If done correctly, these two steps can also clear up some of the sticking points to for internet marketers, as well.

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The very first step is and always is creating good content. No matter what aspect of internet marketing you are conquering or challenged by, it always comes back to creating good content. In order to turn on “The Perpetual Internet Marketing Machine” Charles refers to, good content a must. Good content will gear up and start the viral marketing engine.

There’s a lot to be said about what makes up good content. Personally, and without going into what makes up good content here, the WIIFM or what’s in it for me question should be front and center followed by short and sweet or KISS.

The second step is getting your content out there. Charles notes that this is one of the biggest problems experienced in internet marketing. By getting your content out to social media sites, larger audiences than your own can view your content. This, in turn, drives traffic to your site, and it creates higher visibility in the search engines, as these larger audiences begin to stir and make comments and references to this content.

You can just see the ears of the search engine gods perking up at all the noise, called buzz, and they give you high marks. Traffic flows to your site now from both the social network sites that you have shaken hands with, and you get traffic from the search engines as well.

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Then we get to ginzu it. Because you’re getting noticed at the social network sites, others grab the shirttails and link to your website. You have now created inbound links, and another internet marketing sticking point is solved. Again, search engine gods like this stuff and your rankings keep improving.

So, start with good content, syndicate it, create the buzz, drive up your search engine rankings, more people are paying attention, referencing your content and linking to your site which drives up your rankings. As this grows so does the number of new prospects coming to your site, which you have very clearly, short and sweet directed them to your sales funnel. Good work!

Source by Donnalynn Polito

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