SEO Myths Busted

Link Building Is History

Wouldn’t it be nice to never to build another link to your website? If you realize the truth, this is not the field of dreams. Still if you want, you can build it but you won`t have traffic! This ultimately concludes links aren`t dead, and you still need them! However, the tactics have sure changed. Now you can`t go to the superstore and buy a bunch of links. Instead, you have to hire a pro to help you with it!

Ranking Is Not Important

I hear this all of the time. I can accept that there is a little sense, but it’s completely deceptive. The fact is, there are no true tops anymore. As Geolocation and personalization with other factors are counted, no one can pull a definite top 10. Surprisingly, it`s not called ranking anymore. Instead, it now goes by the name of positioning. You need to go for a branding, instead of having rush SEO campaigns and seeing a high rankings happily on Google.

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There three things to be considered to make your branding authority:

Content authority

Quality Authority links

Social media

You need to present your product or service in a compelling way. Presenting the information with credits can give your brand name an authority. Credit giving means taking information from other resources and giving them credit to own that information, which means you are taking that idea or information, but you are just discussing that link post in your post in a positive way. This will avoid any dispute you are getting information from.

Build and They Will Come by Themselves

Nice one, this is perhaps the favorite quote of content marketers. Build a great website and traffic will come. To me, this is comical but let`s get realistic if marketing was that easy. I bet every SEO professional would either be broke or converted to a writer. Content writing no doubt is an important part of SEO. However, this doesn`t say you don`t need fast page downloads, strong technical base, and others. Focus on your content but don`t forget your SEO tactics.

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Google Spies through Google Analytics

There is no doubt that analytics is a must have for everyone. But everyone one of us knows someone who doesn’t put analytics on his blog because he firmly believes Google spies through it! Well, I am not going to lecture about it but Google have better things to do! Analytics is your lifeline and backbone; you can`t alter this fact on behalf of what you are told or believe!

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