SEO Tips – Do You Make These 3 Critical SEO Mistakes?

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website, and SEO tips are available all over the internet. Unfortunately, much of what you hear will lead you to do things that – by themselves – won’t make a lot of difference in the amount of targeted traffic your website receives. If you focus your efforts on doing the wrong things, you will waste a lot of time and experience frustration.

Here are three reasons many web entrepreneurs never receive the traffic needed to thrive online:

1. Not Focusing on off-page SEO Factors

Many of the SEO tips available online focus on the design of your website. You must create your site in a search engine friendly way, but off-page SEO factors are much more important in determining the future success of your business. SEO friendly website design will keep you ranked high in the search ranking once you’ve gotten there. However, you’ll need to have links on other sites pointing back to yours. If you can get many of the websites that search engines consider relevant and important for your keywords to place a link on their page back to yours, then the search engines will consider your site is important as well. This is the most effective way to ensure you get and stay atop the search engine rankings for your chosen keywords. Your website design will support your efforts to stay there.

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2. Not consistently focusing on off-page SEO

You create your website only once. You maintain it once in a while. The process of off-page SEO, however, is a continuous one. To sustain a healthy level of traffic, you want to commit to spending time daily seeking quality links back to your website. Off-page SEO needs to be a continuous part of your marketing efforts, or all the SEO tips in the world aren’t going to help you to sustain the level of traffic that will take your business to the next level.

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3. Not correctly focusing on off-page SEO

Not all links pointing back to your site are created equal. The best are ones that don’t require you to provide a link of your own back to their site. Also, links from sites that Google doesn’t consider relevant for your search terms aren’t going to help you either. You must target the right keywords to guarantee that your site gets visits from targeted traffic.

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