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SEO can be understood on an aerial perspective as the method of increasing the web traffic for the websites. It has become so popular and widely used these days, as companies’ starts understanding the importance of gaining traffic for their websites. Though, search engine optimization has become a well known phrase among most internet users, the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, does not actually disclose the techniques that they imply in ranking the websites. However, only information that people in general are able to gather is that they use something called Crawlers while arriving at the algorithmic results. Certain search engines offer a paid crawler service, where the website owners can either pay a sum of amount for getting their traffic increased or they can pay based on cost per click system.

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One of the main key concepts in SEO is the keywords, which are the major source of pulling in viewers to the particular website. Here became the popularity of content creation with keyword rich texts. Choosing the right keyword that will link to the respective website is the actual challenge of every optimization writer. These keywords must be a common one that can be immediately thought of by every searcher, as well as product specific. The name of the process is called the keyword stuffing and this can be made based on the relevance of the particular web page. Making keywords for your articles is very critical and involves various major steps.

A SEO writer can either make the keyword a must in the title or in the URL of their company website. When it comes to the body of the text, a writer must ensure to repeat the keywords sparingly throughout the article, with definitely one in the introduction and one at the conclusion. Even these keywords can be used at the headings and the sub headings, with not more than once. When you choose to write a keyword with two words, make sure to use the two words consecutively in your article. Separating the keywords does not help in optimising the traffic of your website.

Another method for the SEO is the URL normalization method which is done based on the Meta tagging process. Though, Meta tagging is getting out of fashion now, when you opt for URL normalization, you are expected to adopt the Meta tagging process. This process involves making of multiple URLs with canonical method, which may be one of the better ways of increasing web traffic.

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Learning SEO professionally is very important for becoming a professional search engine optimiser. This has a wide range of techniques involved in it, though not all can be learnt, one can at least ensure to master the few basic techniques that go with optimising your website traffic.

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