Silent Killers – ‘Healthy’ Food That Kills!

Not all foods that seem healthy are truly healthy. There are those that look healthy because of a good appearance and creative marketing strategy that continue to mislead the consumers. Manufacturers of pre-packaged foods never reveal the truth about their products. In contrast, these manufacturers make people believe that their foods are healthy when in fact they are silent killers, with the presence of harmful artificial additives.

Another silent killer foods that are mistakenly perceived as healthy foods are those that are sold at fast foods and convenience store. These are hamburgers, hotdogs and French fries, which convince people as healthy because they are supposedly using lean meat. These are actually silent killers because French fries are rich in trans-fatty acids while lean meat has actually fats on them. Here are the rest of the guidelines in knowing silent killer foods that are perceived by many as healthy.

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1. Food products that bear the advertisement as Fat Free, Reduced Fat, Low Fat

2. Beverages that people believe as Sugar Free

3. Any food and beverage that are labeled as “diet”

The following are just few of the many silent killers that people are made to believe as healthy.

1. Diet Soda-many think that because they are labeled as “diet”, they are sugar-free and carbonated-free drinks. Thus, diet soda should be excellent for the health. Wrong. These “Diet” sodas use artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors, making them silent killers.

2. Crab meat and vegetable imitation-just because they are “veggies” does not make them conducive to the health. Their high amount of glycemic, calorie and carbohydrate make them silent killers.

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3. Fruit Extracts, Dried Fruit and Fruit Cocktail-the word “fruit” makes anything healthy that is why this product deceives consumers because the sugar additives makes them silent killers.

4. White Pasta and Pasta Salad, English Muffins and Bagels, Croutons and Pretzels and Granola-these are supposed to be good for the health due to fiber content, however, each food belongs to carbohydrates with white flour, an agent that can raise blood sugar quickly.

Source by Faviano Torres

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