SMO for Small Business

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization which is an important and effective strategy to promote your product online.It involves the usability of different social networking platforms like Facebook, linkedin, reddit, twitter etc.  It is done to enhance the visibility of the website and to generate more web traffic.  Social Media Optimization has become a blessing for small businesses due to the development of social networking websites. A precious element for small business marketing is to just spread your messages among people, who will act on it.

The rapid growth of social networking is changing the traditional marketing model. The benefits of marketing on social media are: engaging with the clients directly, promoting their brand directly to the consumers, providing better customer service and targeting the niche market at low costs as compared to traditional marketing.

Reasons why small businesses need SMO Services :

  • Genuine References:  The time when the term business has evolved, “Word of mouth “marketing has played an eminent role. But now in the digital world, social media is a new method for WOM marketing that helps in promoting the products and creates them as brands. SMO provides a platform to create a level of individual trust. SMO needs to be tailored or customized. For instance, a certain small business found twitter to be more beneficial where as another business found facebook to be more beneficial.
  • Time spent on social networking: People spent most of their time on social networking sites which will increase the visibility of our business. Recent report suggests that 1 minute is spent on social site out of every 6 minutes.


    • Create your profiles on social media like Twitter, Facebook, G+ and linkedIn and optimize it.
    • Include social media buttons which can be used for bookmarking and likes in your website.
    • Incorporate blog with social media so that the potential customers stay connected.
    • Increase website traffic by writing unique and effective articles.

Benefits of SMO for small business:

  • Direct feedback : Earlier it was difficult to get the direct feedback from buyers, but now in the digital world it has become easy to interact with the customers and get the direct feedback. It is a good opportunity for the small businesses as the owner can directly come into contact with buyers and gain the feedback from customers. This will help the small business to improve itself (products and services) .  The procedure by which the feedback is received is explained as: any small businesses have entered some information in blog which consists of targeted landing pages. This blog is shared on different social networking sites like flickr, you tube, social bookmarks, facebook, twitter and linkedin. On these Social Medias your product is promoted and you can also contact directly with those customers.
  • Customers : Social media is dynamic as it helps to gain new customers and retain the old ones, which is necessary for small businesses. This increases sale of your products or services. This increase in customers and sales is because of the following reasons: (i) it is easy to customize social media (ii) social media is almost free to use.(iii) a very basic rule of every business- Social media is a place where there is public and the business needs to go where the buyers are present.
  • Cost effective :  Social Media Optimization is cost effective if you have the time and dedication then builds the profiles of social networks. By this if you feel that social media is beneficial for your business, then you can outsource or hire SMO services.

Presence on social media doesn’t happen overnight and needs a well- developed and a powerful strategy that focuses on the goals or missions of small business. The basic three goals which every small business seeks for are as follows:

  • Improved Customer Communication
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Greater Sales Reach

Rules for optimizing the Social media:

  • Enhancing the links by posting blogs with effective and unique content
  • Create an easy bookmarking
  • Gain Inbound links
  • Include otbound links
  • Increase the mobility of the content
  • Allow people to use your content
  • Give rewards to your users
  • Participate in discussions and give your ideas about specific topics
  • Unique and effective content
  • Try to maintain good relationships with the customers
  • Try new techniques as social media changes rapidly.

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