Squeeze more life from your gadgets: how to save your gadgets battery

The tablets and mobile phones available in the market today are all getting bigger and better, sporting faster processors and fancier screens. It’s a good direction as it makes our lives more convenient and entertaining. But as these devices get more cores in their processor or get closer to life-like image resolution, the more they become power-hungry, emptying a full battery in a matter of hours because of its processor speed and fancy graphics. While manufacturers try their hardest to pack the best batteries for these demanding devices, users should also learn how to make the most out of a full charge. By doing so, you won’t find yourself in a situation where your device runs out of power when you need it the most.

Here are some tips that you can follow to squeeze more life out of your phone or tablet, so that it would be able to last longer and help you get through your daily dose of mobile computing.

Mind the Screen

A mobile device’s screen is where the magic happens. It is one of the main features that draw us to a device, and the screen alone would tell us if the smartphone or tablet could handle all our mobile activities. Unfortunately, the screen eats up a lot of power, responsible for 60 to 70 percent of the device’s total consumption. Being extra mindful of your screen will help you maximize your charge, cutting down on the unnecessary expenditure of power when your device is barely in use. You can do this by adjusting the brightness of your screen to the lowest possible setting that you can use it. Indoors, you can easily see what’s on your phone or tablet’s screen because the ambient light is not too bright. Viewing the screen could be very difficult, especially when the sun’s high up. The brightness level should be max just to see a bit of what’s on your device, and you’ll be wasting more power doing so. If you think you’ll be out for a long time, you might want to put the brightness level on automatic, so that the phone or tablet will adjust on its own, depending on the ambient light.

"Kill" Background Apps

Whether you are using iOS or Android, it is unavoidable to have background apps running on your device. Just like a branded laptop, some phone models have bloatware that you need to close once in a while. You really can’t uninstall these apps; these are packaged with the device so you either use them or ignore them. To make sure that these apps don’t drain your device even when you’re not using them, you can "kill" it manually using "app killer" applications. These apps let you suspend the activity of the app, so that they won’t run in the background and eat into the phone’s power. Some nuisance apps are persistent, so you might want to make "killing apps" a habit.

Play when you’re near a power source

Okay, so this tip doesn’t attempt to limit gadget use; it’s an advice that you can ignore or follow, but it’s really practical. Try not to play graphics-intensive apps when it’s not possible to charge your battery once it’s empty. Also, when you’re running productivity apps or doing activities that could drain your power easily, you should leave your phone plugged in. If you’re having VoIP service calls with your colleagues or relatives, keeping your phone plugged will help you avoid any interruptions. You can work or play as much as you want, as long as you know you’ll be able to recharge your batteries when you need to.

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