The Tech Checklist All Startups Should See

Employee Proficiency- Ensuring that all employees are both familiar with and effective at utilizing the technology being used at the start-up is very important. There will always be certain operating systems, programming languages and other barriers that can come up in the day-to-day operation of a business. The best way to address these issues is before they come up, especially on projects where two very different tools need to come together in order to achieve completion. Such situations are not always easy to navigate through, and for this reason a great project manager will possess at least a small amount of proficiency necessary to bring different pieces together.

Team Building – One of the more effective ways to save money for a business is to encourage people to work together and streamline resources. Looking at exactly how a group of people can save time through their efforts does require additional training in some industries, but the end product is often very much worth it.

Efficient Technology – Making sure that all of the technology already in place is efficient is incredibly important, and every little improvement makes a difference in the bottom line. For instance the choice of using ink and toner cartridges as opposed to buying a large, industrial laser printer can save a company a whole lot of money. There are examples of such efficiency across the board, such as building PCs as opposed to buying them directly from a company.

Outsourcing – While it is important to have in house employees in many situations, there is a very real place at many tech start ups for the outsourcing of certain tasks in order to save both time and money. Of course there are some things which are best kept in house, but even with sensitive materials there is the opportunity to utilize an NDA (non disclosure agreement) in order to make sure someone does not leak information. Hiring one of these individuals on a temporary basis should still involve some measure of investigation, because a company should never add an associate impulsively with no investigation.

Debugging- Making sure that any product sold is going to live up to its full potential prior to coming to market is extremely important, because otherwise there could be massive complaints lodged and a serious lack of interest in future product launches. The first product launch for a tech start-up is often the last one and quite often this can simply be attributed to a lack of foresight and an inability to anticipate potential problems. Having employees debug a product is very useful, but after that it can be invaluable to give the product away to a couple consumers in exchange for their appraisal of its performance.

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