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Texas Health Insurance

Buying health coverage is very important for individuals – for covering not only their health, but also their medical bills. Even minor illnesses can result in exorbitant medical bills not to talk of serious illnesses where the costs can only be described as devastating. To keep the wolf away from the door and provide protection to yourself and your family, you can consider the option of buying individual health coverage plans. For this, you need to have a basic idea of health coverage works in the state of Texas. Depending on the plan you opt for, you will find that they pay for all or some part of your medical bills arising out of injury or sickness. The plans broadly fall under two categories: The Managed Care health plans, and the Fee-for-service health plans.

Managed care plans work through a network of doctors. This means that the plan will only pay if you visit a doctor or a hospital that is listed in the plan’s network. Yet there are plans, which allow you to visit a doctor of your choice, but they offer greater financial incentives if you visit a service provider or hospital listed in their network.

Fee for service plans work differently from the managed care plans in that they allow you to visit a doctor or hospital of your own choice. Also known as the indemnity plans, these plans are more expensive than the managed care plans.

Both plans have their pros and cons and you have to set your own priorities before zeroing on any of them. For example, your work may require a lot of traveling and in that case choosing the managed care plans would prove to be restrictive.

Apart from these plans, there is the Texas State Health Insurance Risk Program for people who cannot afford to buy individual plans.

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