The Benefits of Bathing for Your Health

Taking a bath instantly refreshes and brings a sense of cleanliness in the body. We know that doing this daily is generally for hygienic purposes. And because keeping good hygiene means keeping your body clean, there are other health benefits that you can get from daily bathing.

More than the soap, the scrubbing and the body wash that you use, bathing can help ease tension, let you sleep better and even help lower blood sugar levels. Other than good old scrubbing, here are some benefits from taking a bath.

– Bathing helps in removing harmful toxins from the body. Especially in warm or hot water, the temperature opens up your pores and toxins can easily be flushed out.

– The open pores are also crucial in removing deep seated dirt in your skin. Just like during facials where the face is steamed so pores will open, even the slightly warm temperature of the water can open up pores and aid in deep cleansing the skin.

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– According to the New England Journal of Medicine, going to a bath tub with warm water can help lower your level of blood sugar. This becomes a great help for those who suffer from diabetes or those who just want to lower their blood sugar.

– Bathing in hot water can also help in relieving the symptoms of flu, headache and stress. It is also a relaxing experience.

– Cold baths on the other hand can increase your blood sugar level.

In taking a bath, there are other things that can help enhance these health benefits:

– Adding essential oils such as lavender or chamomile can help ease tension and make your body relax even more. These scents have been proven to bring such benefits as they are also being used in aromatherapy sessions. These mild-smelling scents can calm the nerves and mentally let you feel at ease. Especially during evening showers, people are now choosing aromatherapy soaps so their bathing experience will truly be complete.

– Adding milk when soaking in the bath tub, just like royalty during ancient times, can make your skin soft and smooth as a baby. Milk has natural ingredients and properties such as vitamins that are generally known to be helpful on the skin. As an exact opposite to chemicals that can harm the skin, milk is gentle for even the most delicate skin.

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Whether using the shower, a bath tub, or a therapeutic Jacuzzi, soaking yourself in water can make you feel good, look good, and smell good. Even if you put on perfume and haven’t taken a bath, your sweat and the natural heat from your body will react with the chemicals in the perfume and it may smell different than you would expect it to as compared to smelling it straight from the bottle.

A task as simple as taking a bath can do wonders for your body. Although some people may see it as a time consuming chore, bathing is a practice with many benefits.

Source by Criss White

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