The Golden Retriever Health- Common Health Problems

Golden Retriever Health Problems are mostly congenital or hereditary. Examples of these congenital diseases are eye defects, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia; cancer and even epilepsy. These common Golden Retriever health problems may be avoided by regular check ups and proper care.

Golden Retriever health problems are most likely treatable. Since most of these diseases are hereditary, it is best for a Golden Retriever owner like you to closely monitor your pet’s health. Watch out for signs and symptoms and give your dog immediate and proper care. To understand about more of these diseases, here are the facts about the most common Golden Retriever health problems:

Cataracts – Golden Retrievers can get cataract in the same way every human can. This eye defect may be found on a routine eye check up and can be removed through surgery if your dog id healthy
Hip and elbow dysplasia – Dysplasia is a crippling disease that can cause a hip or an elbow not to fit properly in its socket. This can lead to a degenerative joint disease which causes more pain and limits the mobility of your Golden Retriever. If left unattended, this disease can develop into arthritis in later life.
Arthritis – arthritis affects Golden Retrievers in the same way that it affects human. This disease makes the movement of your pet difficult and may be treated with injectible pain killers. This may be administered at home or at any veterinary clinic. Giving your pet a warm bath is also a good way to ease the pain in his joint.
Cancer – Golden Retrievers often face cancer of the blood and cancer of the lymphatic system. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease. Both conventional and homeopathic remedies may be employed depending on which you think is best for your dog.
Epilepsy – this is a brain disorder that can cause periodic concussion or seizures. Usually, this disorder can be controlled with proper medicines.

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Prevention is better than cure. The best way to prevent these health problems is to properly screen the dogs before they mate. To be certain, you can ask your breeder to produce the necessary documents and even provide for an x-ray result. Most reputable breeders update the papers and x-ray records of their doge every 18 months. As part of your general Golden Retriever care, serving your golden with the right food is the best way to prevent and battle these diseases. Regular trip to your veterinarian, immediate treatment and proper medication can almost certainly put the Golden Retriever health problems away.

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