The Importance of Home

Where families gather, children are raised and we always seem to find solitude and comfort. I our retirement years, it is the place that we hope we can remain, in that comfort. Everyday families are faced with the responsibility and worry about the emotional and physical well being of a parent or loved one being able to reside safely in the comfort of their home. They face the overwhelming responsibility of care provider. With factors of failing health, disability, safety or mobility issues too many adults are being prematurely placed into nursing or assisted living facilities. Transition in an individuals lifestyle can cause depression and loneliness. The most important factor in a better quality of life for an aging adult is to be able to retain their independence. Just the feeling of being still in control of their own life and decisions can improve the over-all well-being of an individual. Providing assistance to a loved one early on can help eliminate or delay the sometimes premature placement into a facility. Moving out of your home can cause stress, anxiety, depression and disrupt their whole life. Sometimes placement is necessary for families, but sometimes it is premature.

Family caregivers face enormous stress in their lives. Taking care of yourself and your own family is difficult enough and then adding the extra responsibility of another person solely depending on you can become overwhelming in any persons life. Home care allows family caregivers to get back to a more normal way of life and ease their stress, worry, guilt and lessen the responsibility that is placed on your shoulders. It seems like when a loved one or a parent becomes ill or disabled, the children’s lives stop. Finding time for yourself becomes a distant memory. When the burden of care becomes an enormous main factor in your life considering in-home care assistance. This can have a profound effect on a family and loved ones life in many positive ways. When children care for their parents, that is the most wonderful sacrifice there can be. But aging adults want to retain their dignity and survive independently of their children in their own homes. This has a great effect on their health and well-being. When mom calls ten times a day, it’s because she may feel isolated or just lonely. Sometimes providing a companion is all an aging adult needs. As a persons lifestyle changes, so do their needs. Addressing the needs at hand and providing assistance early can alleviate so many factors in families lives to be able to maintain a better quality of life. Not just for mom or dad, but more important for the children. This gives our parents a new sense of independence, and freedom in your own life. Providing home care assistance allows you to live your life again and not worry about the safety and well-being of your parents.

Source by Sheila Moody

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