The Popularity Of Hospital Management Courses In India

The healthcare sector is flourishing in India, especially after the arrival of lots of private medical clinics and hospitals in the country. Health is one of the vital sectors in any country and hence it receives tremendous importance. Health is wealth and this factor directly related to the development of any country. To ensure better health care system for the masses, every government tries its best. The hospital management course will teach you the necessary expertise and skills to deliver the services in an efficient manner. It will make the aspirants familiar to vital areas of hospital administration- organizing, planning, coordinating, staffing, controlling and better evaluating of health care services. These are all directed towards ensuring maximum care for the patients at an affordable rate to reduce the rate of mortality.

Professional guidance is necessary to run a hospital

The concept of healthcare has changed over the years. Now people demand better facilities as there is a rising awareness about health in recent year worldwide. It can be seen that the medium and large hospitals often employ professionals to manage hospital affairs in an efficient manner. A range of works involves in the running of a hospital and professional guidance is necessary for that.

Functions of a hospital administrator

However, it is a challenging and difficult task to become a hospital administrator. There are various departments at a hospital and they involve multiple requirements. Such professionals have to ensure that the hospitals are running efficiently and the patients are getting maximum care. In fact, they have to act as liaison officers between government bodies, medical stuffs and department heads and have to integrate the activities of various departments to operate as a single entity. They have to supervise the recruitment of doctors and the training of nurses, interns and their assistants. They have to plan a budget and will act according to that. In research hospitals also, they have to perform a various number of activities. They have to work at odd hours as hospitals are open all the time. Their work is no less than the doctors. In short, hospital administrators work hard to keep the hospitals alive and healthy.

Course in the field

Various courses are on offer in the field of hospital administration from certificate/diploma to higher studies. To do an MBA in hospital management, one must be holding a bachelor degree. The eligibility to the bachelor of hospital management course is 12th with 50% marks with biology as a subject. Postgraduate course in hospital management is also a popular course in the field. Higher degree holders can choose to go for lectureship options at various medical institutes in the country. The pay package is quite satisfactory in the field. An experienced hospital management professional can earn nearly 40,000 per month. Even job possibilities exist in foreign countries also.

Here is a list of few MBA institutes in India offering hospital management course-

• Narsee Monjee institute of management studies, Mumbai

• Prin. L.N. Welingkar institute of management, Mumbai

• Apollo institute of hospital administration, Hyderabad

• Nizam institute of medical sciences, Hyderabad

• All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

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