Threats With the Use of Smartphones

People are now becoming more and more attached to their smartphones. Who would not be? A smartphone surpasses ordinary mobile phones when it comes to capability. It can be used for you to be in contact with your friends, double up a digital camera, can be used for video conferencing and can even be loaded with numerous applications that can help keep you entertained or help you with your work at your business office. Hold on. You may have been reading too many articles about the benefits of Smartphones but do you know that once you get a hold of this, you should also consider being a more responsible user? Why? Smartphones may be putting your identity and company data at risk because of certain security threats such as these.

Threat 1: Dubious SMS

Have you ever received a text message saying that you won in a raffle draw conducted by a certain organization and that you need to call their number to claim your prize? Before you get too excited, do you even remember being a member of this said organization and have you permitted yourself to be part of this event? If not, then delete the message as soon as you receive this. Dubious SMS was designed to entice the receiver to claim a tempting prize where in fact, there is no such event. The people behind these will try to get your personal data by way of being able to speak to you through your Smartphone. The call is recorded and if you choose to reply to a text message, they will be able to confirm that your number really is being used by a person and will try their best to convince you to give them the data they want.

Threat 2: Unreliable Wi-Fi Connection

A person sitting in a café instantly looks kind of cool when he is using the establishment’s Wi-Fi connection with his latest Smartphone. Aside from being a status symbol, it is indeed very handy to own a smartphone because the free Internet connection can let you browse your favorite websites and use VoIP applications from providers like RingCentral if you simply want to call your family overseas during your break. However, free Wi-Fi is something that you should be wary of. If the establishment does not look reputable, resist the urge to connect to their free Internet connection. Scammers can easily make use of the Wi-Fi access to gather data from your phone. If your password, important data such as credit card information and your SS number are hacked, this can be used to log into your email or your identity could easily be stolen. When this happens, these people could easily make use of the data they have to bring you into financial ruin since they might be able to access your online banking account and other online financial accounts.

Threat 3: Unsafe Applications

One of the benefits of having a smartphone is the ability to download free applications using your mobile platform’s application store. For Android users, however, the Google Play Store does not have the same type of security. Rouge applications can be easily identified when you read the reviews written by other customers. However, what happens if you were one of those who downloaded the application first? Some untrusted applications have the ability to be remotely accessed by a server and steal the data in your Smartphone. It’s best that before your download any type of application, try to see if this comes from a trusted source. Once you are able to verify this, then you can go ahead and download the application.

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