Top 10 Areas to Visit in Los Angeles

The car hire USA services are popular all over the country; it offers easy and comfortable travelling facilities. One can hire them and can visit the popular city, Los Angeles with the loved one. This city is popular for its friendly people, great atmosphere and larger than life living. There are many tourist spots which can be enjoyed during the visit by hiring a car service like:

  1. San Antonio Winery: This is LA’s last historic winery, it was started at 1917. Till date many of the popular wines are made here, one can enjoy the wine tours and can also get to taste some of the samples.
  2. Bradbury Building: Enjoy the true architectural beauty of this building, the red bricks and the amazing grill work can be seen during the visit. The tent shaped roof is made up of glass and offers golden rays of sunlight in the afternoon time.
  3. Manhattan Beach: This beach is famous for its high class style, friendly boutiques, water sports, beachside cottages, classy bars and cafes. One can hire a car and have a great time during the visit.
  4. Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles: Make sure to visit this restaurant as it serves the best crispy, juicy fried chicken with waffles. People come here from all over the world during their trip to taste the delicacy.
  5. Sirens & Sailors: For the fashion lovers, this store offers different types of latest fashionable for men’s and women’s clothing at good rates. The quality is high and the collection offered is very amazing so hire a car and come here for getting some trendy wear.
  6. Universal Studios: Visit the studios by hiring a car as it offers different movie sets. It was opened in 1915 for the public; the visit helps in experiencing the actual sights of their favorite movies.
  7. Massage Garage: Get a relaxing massage after exploring the different tourist spots in this spa center. There are five types of massage treatments; one can make the selection as per the need.
  8. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels Church: Hire a car for visiting this ancient church; people like to come here for religious aspects. Even the architectural beauty is amazing, it is best to take some picture as good memories.
  9. Small World Books: Visit this book store for buying some of the best collections. Travel, philosophy, romance, bedtime stories, mystery, etc. all the types of books are available here for selling.
  10. Abbot’s Pizza: Enjoy the gourmet slices in this popular pizzeria of LA; it serves many varieties of crisp pizzas. The tequila-lime chicken and wild mushrooms are the specialties and are a must to taste with great mugs of beer.

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