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By now pretty much everybody has heard of the Nielson Ratings, it’s the way television networks track the popularity of a show in order to determine advertising rates. Well, there’s a similar method of determining the popularity of a website, it’s called the Alexa Rankings.

The Alexa Rankings are a compilation of the top one hundred thousand websites, the site with the highest traffic being ranked number one. Anyone who runs an e-business or works as an internet marketer understands the value a high Alexa ranking. Not only do potential customers use Alexa to determine the credibility of a given website, but advertising services such as ReviewMe, Text Link, and others use these rankings to determine what the price of placing a link on that web page would be.

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Achieving a high ranking can assure the success of any e-business. A good first step to improve your Alexa score would be to see how how your website stacks up against the rest. Go to and see just how your site stacks of against the known competition. It is among the most precise methods of website tracking and it’s free. But what if you don’t know just who you’re competing against. Here in lies the problem. Alexa will gladly sell you their list of the internet’s top one hundred thousand websites, delivered to you in an Excel file, for just about $6,500.

That’s right, $6,500! Yes, it is very expensive, but hold on a minute, there’s no need to panic. Fortunately, there is a much more cost effective way to receive this valuable information. There are individuals who purchase the list and then resell it, in effect sharing their cost with you, enabling everyone involved to obtain the exact same information, but at a much lower price. So, how do you find these individuals, it’s relatively easy. Google a phrase like “top 100000 sites” someone will probably come up, and costs will certainly go down.

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So remember to use Alexa, it’s a great place to start increasing traffic on your website, and since you’ve just saved several thousand dollars on the list, you can use that money to increase your raking in more creative ways.

Source by Johnny S Johnson

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