Top 7 tools to convert your Word File to PDF without Internet Blockage in Office

Converters are small programs, online or offline, which allow you to convert practically any type of file. There are literally countless converters available on the internet today. These are available as online converters and desktop programs. When it comes to converting word files to PDF, online converters are great. Unfortunately, if you have any type of internet blockage, you are out of luck.

Word to PDF Converters

Word to PDF converters allow you to easily convert any word file into a PDF format. Interestingly, this may contradict the usual PDF to Word converters many people use. However, there are many reasons why countless people use Word to PDF converters.

One of the biggest reasons to use a PDF converter for office file conversion.

gDoc Fusion

gDoc Fusion is an advanced program that is a lot more than a simple word to PDF converter. The program allows you to convert one file back and forth between 200 different file formats. However, for sake of clarity, we will stick to simple Word to PDF conversion.

The difference between gDoc Fusion and every other converter is that the program is not free. However, once purchased, you can easily convert all your word files into PDF easily.

Microsoft Office

Many people rarely realize that you can easily convert your Words files with Microsoft Office. All you have to do is download a small plug in order to allow for the conversion. This is quick and simple as you can simply “save as” your word file directly as a PDF file.

Click to Convert

Click to convert is a powerful converter that allows you to convert your Word file into over 350 formats. One advantage of using click to Convert is that of batch processing and scheduled conversion. If you have numerous files awaiting conversion, you can set up a batch task. You can even set the time and date when the files will convert. When it is time, the program will convert all the files automatically, saving you a lot of time.

Kingsoft Writer

Kingsoft Writer is more of a program than a tool. Kingsoft Writer is similar to Microsoft word with many enhanced features. One of these enhanced features is a built-in Word to PDF converter. This allows you to save the file after you have completed your writing. Furthermore, Kingsoft Writer is cheaper than Microsoft Office making a great overall choice for word editing and converting.

Advanced PDF Converter

Advanced PDF Converter is not only a powerful Word to PDF converter; it is cheaper than most desktop shareware conversion tools available. One great aspect that distinguished Advanced PDF Converter from other Word to PDF converters is its interface. The interface provided in Advanced PDF Converter is exceptionally simple to use with buttons well laid out. This makes converting a Word file blissfully easy.

Free Word-Doc to PDF Converter & Creator

Although the name may sound like a mouthful, this program is very powerful and easy to use. One great aspect about this program is that it is very light. You can convert multiple files without losing a lot of system resources.

Best of all, as the name implies, Free Word-Doc to PDF Converter & Creator is free to download and install. All you have to do is visit their website and download the standalone program. However, you will need the internet for this. 

Cute PDF Writer

Yet another way to convert your word documents to PDF with simplicity. The best part this converter is that it is free to use and does not put a watermark on your work. Furthermore, the converter is easy to exceptionally easy to use and light on your system – cute indeed.

If you need to convert word documents into PDF format but experience internet blockages, these desktop converters are perfect for you. If you are still experiencing internet blockages, you may need a new internet connection. 

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