Top Best Android Apps for Cloud Computing

In the case of Cloud Computing apps, the desktop and mobile apps are tied up together into an online service and web app. Users of Cloud Computing apps can access their data and services where ever they go. There are separate apps for Android users which facilitate Cloud Computing. Users of these Android apps can access their information and services from multiple devices like Android smartphones, Android tablets, and desktops. Some of the most popular Android Apps for Cloud Computing are:

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best Cloud Computing apps available for Android devices which is useful to store all your files, images, and other data. Using this app, you can transfer your files, images, and videos on to Google Docs which can also be shared with others. Documents can be created and edited from multiple devices like smart phones and desktops using Create and edit Google Spreadsheets. Documents created through Google Docs can be edited online without the need for downloading them on to any device.

Safe Wallet

Safe Wallet is a Cloud Computing app which enables you to store documents with encrypted information on your desktop. The information stored in Safe Wallet can be synced online with your smartphone through the cloud. This application can help you to store and access private and sensitive information on multiple devices without the fear of losing it.


Over the years, Evernote has grown to be the default webclipping and note app for smartphones. Using the Evernote app for Android, you can access your notes across the devices. Small amounts of data or whole web pages can be clipped from your phone’s browser and synced between the cloud, Android smart phone, and desktop. You can also take photographs and videos on smartphone and sync them back on your home or office desktops. is a free personal finance app which lets you to connect to your bank account and credit card details online from either your desktop or mobile phone. Users of this app can check the cash balance in their accounts and credit card debt they owe without entering the login details every time they access the app. There are separate smart folder and widget linked to the app. The widget refreshes your bank account details with a simple tap and the smart folder gives the full details of your recent transactions.

Flickr Free

Flickr Free is an open-source Flickr app for Android devices. This app links to the account online and lets you to view all your favorite photos stored on the website. You can also upload photos directly from your Android phone to using this app. The uploaded photos can be later accessed from any Android device of your choice. There is a privacy setting option available in this app which lets you to share your photos only with the people you desire. This app has a very lightweight interface when compared with other Cloud Computing apps.

Cloud Computing in now increasingly going mobile and will emerge as a dominant factor is mobile technology in the years to come. The above top Cloud Computing apps for Android will help in maximizing the potential of your Android devices.

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