Top Google Rank Secret – The Trick the SEO Experts Use to Get a Top Google Ranking For Any Site

Getting a top rank in the search engines is actually pretty easy if you know a ‘secret’ technique of what to do. The reason why SEO experts are so successful at getting sites ranked to the top of Google & other search engines is because they are able to focus on what the search engines want from a good site, which means that if can do that too, you’ll get a top rank.

The big ‘secret’ to getting a top search rank is all about what you do to ‘optimize’ your site. At the end of the day, search engines are just glorified robots which rank websites based on a series of factors… meaning that the more you can optimize your site to meet these factors, the higher your rank will be. And the most important factor – the one that will get your site ranked the highest in the search engines – is links pointing to your site.

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Links to your site are what search engines value the most, as they see them as being “votes” of trust from other websites. Getting a link to your site basically says that your site’s information is relevant and valued by another webmaster, and they have given you a link to show other about it. Since the search engines value relevance, they take this link as being an important factor in how they rank sites, which will make them increase your site in their ranks.

In order to get into the top ranks of Google, you should try and get as many high quality links as possible to your website. Getting links comes in two tiers – getting “low quality” links that everyone can get and getting “high quality” links that only a few experts can get. The secret trick for SEO dominance is to get the largest number of high quality one-way links from as many top quality sites as possible.

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To get high quality links, you can either spend several hours trawling the Internet for opportunities or you can use a service which will build high quality links for you. There are several services out on the Internet now which can get some very good quality links to your site – and using these services, you should be able to get a top ranking in no time.

Source by John Terrence

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