Ways to Make Money Other Than Paid Surveys

Who wouldn’t use an extra $500 or more a week? Of course filling out survey after survey can get you there, but if you’ve tried this before you can get burned out pretty quickly. Paid online surveys is a great way to make some quick cash, but there are other things you can integrate into your day to make a few extra dollars as well.

Let’s look at the positive side of filling out online surveys. For one, you can easily knock out a couple surveys during your lunch break. If you are a college student or stay at home mother, there is an endless amount of opportunity to make money.

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The other great thing about surveys is you get paid cold hard cash. In most cases the money will be sent to your PayPal account as soon as you finish the survey. That’s not a bad way to make $50.

But there comes a time when doing the survey thing just gets boring. There’s only so many different ways you can rate and explain your last experience the last time you pumped gas.

Don’t get too focused on how many surveys you need to complete a day to make $X amount of money. Think bigger picture and about the other ways to make money from your own home. Did you know, for example, there are online sweepstakes that draw winners every week? It takes about 15 seconds to register for these drawings, which you could easily do while you wait for your survey to load.

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Another way to make easy money online is to do Internet research. There are websites that people will pay $10 to find out what steps they need to get a new passport, for example. If you accept the question and do some research on Google to provide the answer, you’ll earn $5 for answering that question. Some of these questions are so easy to answer that you don’t even have to do any research.

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