What Does That Word Health Really Mean?

We hear a lot of advice about taking care of our health but often we do not even understand what that word ‘health’ means. We might even think that because we are not sick we must be healthy right?

Well, health does mean a whole lot more than being sick but we have not been conditioned to think that way. We just trundle along with our busy day to day lives hardly ever giving a thought to our health. That is until something goes wrong and we suffer symptoms that indicate our body has some sort of problem.

Then off to the doctor we go hoping for some quick fix or at worst some sort of treatment that may involve surgery or drugs. We want it fixed and we want it fixed fast. Often we do not think that the way we have been living our lives and things that we have been doing or not doing every single day likely has led us to this point where our body breaks down and symptoms of illness begin to show themselves.

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The good news is there is a revolution called the ‘wellness revolution’ which is an awareness that is now dawning. This is a focus on staying well when you are healthy and if you are already having health problems, wellness promotes a focus to locate and remove the cause of illness or disease. While it is important to deal with symptoms – in most cases it is more important to treat the cause.

It is also important to separate what we call ‘health care’ and what we call wellness in the world today. True health is about having all the body’s systems and processes working at optimal functioning. It is about slowing the aging process with proper strengthening exercise supported by healthy nutrition and having abundant strength, energy, vigor and vitality at any age.

You would think that we would all be in peak health with the billions of dollars spent on so called Healthcare. But this is really an incorrect term to describe what we are all really paying for. The true business of Healthcare is devoted to diagnosing and treating disease. Really it is nothing more than a ‘sickness treatment’ system.

It is a reactive system – as opposed to the focus being on wellness where an individual takes responsibility for their own health and wellbeing in a proactive manner. They seek out and practice lifestyle options such as proper exercise and healthy eating to slow the aging process, add a higher quality of life and reduce disease risk.

This way you do not wait till sickness happens to you and this is a choice which is a new concept in many people’s lives as the old belief was it involved a matter of luck not to be sick. Poor health, sickness, short life, poor me or the opposite – good health, long life, lucky me. In order to move away from the old type of ‘wait for sickness’ lifestyle (reactive) you have to adopt a new wellness lifestyle (proactive).

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Start your journey with two of the most basic proven health strategies- a proper strength training program 2-3 times each week and by ditching as many processed foods as possible from your diet. Replace them with natural whole foods that you cook from scratch. This will get you immediately on the road to achieving personal wellness that is a foundation for the most basic self-care and living a higher quality of life.

Source by Carolyn Hansen

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