What Is SEO Marketing?

In the early days of the Internet finding something could be a hassle. The systems by which search engines operated had not yet been perfected. Relevant information was often hidden away in obscure user groups or sparse online directories. Thankfully those days have long since passed. The chaos of the primordial net has given way to an army of aggregators and search services. The algorithms that these services use have likewise evolved. This development presents an opportunity for marketers, opening the door for a phenomena known as SEO marketing. So what is SEO marketing?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Simply put SEO marketing is the mechanistic calculation of the internal workings of a search engine, thereby allowing a business to utilize these workings. Most search engines sort returned articles in order of relevance, that is their relative weight in relation to a search term. So what is SEO marketing’s main goal? SEO marketing allows a business the opportunity to cement their relevance within a given series of search terms. The ramifications of this are obvious: higher order relevance leads to organic exposure. We define organic exposure in this sense: exposure by which a customer searched for a company and got a result. This is similar to other organic methods, which have come to fall under the blanket expression “viral marketing.”

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Let’s examine a hypothetical company: Tom, Dick and Harry Marine, a relatively successful boat and Maritime equipment dealer. Looking to increase their market share the owners elect to examine a number of different approaches to increase their exposure. Conventional marketing is always an option, billboards, radio and television advertisements, sponsorships and events, all of these can increase exposure. Unfortunately most, if not all of the aforementioned can be expensive. The larger the desired exposure, the more expensive this can be in the end. Let’s say that our intrepid entrepreneurs instead decide to employ SEO marketing, through a keen understanding of the way in which search engines determine the most relevant items. So in this circumstance what is search engine optimization marketing’s effect?: instant exposure for a bargain basement price.

SEO Marketing may very well prove to be as effective as more traditional forms of advertisements. As more people turn to the Internet as their primary source for information, the influence exerted by search engines dramatically increases. As these search engines become more and more important to a person’s day to day life, understanding how to effectively utilize them for the purposes of marketing becomes critical. So what is search engine optimization marketing? SEO marketing provides the tools to reach a wider consumer base, tools to grow, to expand.

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So what is SEO marketing? In the right hands, understanding how search engines work, and tailoring your approach to maximize your exposure in an increasingly net reliant world can only be a boon to your business, leading to better exposure, and through that, a better market share. In today’s interconnected world, can your business afford not to capitalize on such an opportunity?

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