What is SEO? Simple SEO Definition in a Most Familiar Way

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the widely used term in the field of “Web Marketing”. I can surely say “SEO is the backbone of Online Marketing.”

I want to define the term SEO in a more familiar way by taking a very simple example. Suppose, having developed a new website for your company or business, you must be in the illusion that a website by itself will give you enhanced market visibility and lead to business growth, when actually you are operating in the same marketing environment as you previously were.

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The reason behind this phenomenon is: when a surfer Googles for a specific service, he/she will enter the most relevant keyword related to that product/service and scan through for their desired content, generally just in the top 10-15 results. If your website hasn’t made it to this list, and that too, for the most relevant tags, its likely that your website will be ignored. It doesn’t matter how unique you have made it.

According to Google’s survey, If you are not in the first page results, you loose your 63% of potential business.

So, we can say “SEO is the technique by which we can optimize a website in accordance with search engine requirements.” SEO helps to drive in more relevant traffic to our website, thereby generating interest in your products & services which ultimately drive sales to increase the ROI (Return On Investment). So, First step towards SEO is your content should be more relevant and fresh. Because Google likes fresh content as we like fresh meal. 🙂

Source by Nikhil Kumar Agarwal

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