Where to Find List of Alexa Top 10000 Sites?

If you’re your own boss of an internet company or you work as an independent marketer, any publicity is good publicity. Since the internet is the largest communicative device all people (on an international level) share, augmenting your status in the Alexa top 10000 sites rankings is necessary. Alexa.com is a web page that is presently charged with ranking all of the globe’s sites. Would you like to know you stand?

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Alexa takes into account the visitation amount to your web page when assigning a rank. Garnering a positive Alexa.com review by being amongst the Alexa top 10000 sites gives you amazing credibility which will definitely serve your business well. The better your credibility, the more marketable your business will be. You’ll become more competitive against any opponent’s own web traffic. It is one of the best ways of marketing in a highly cutthroat industry.

The price of an Alexa file download will easily bill you one thousand dollars. Considering the current economy, who isn’t worried about saving money? You can combat the cost by using a regular internet search engine (i.e. Google) to look for the Alexa top 10000 sites. There are also other Alexa competitors who are willing to provide the same service at a lower price because in the end, is an excel file supposed to be that pricey?

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Why should you choose Alexa? With Alexa, you’ll know where you stand against your competitors on the Alexa top 10000 sites list and with that information, you’ll be able to gage plans of attack to overtake them. Remember that knowledge is power.

Source by Johnny S Johnson

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