White Grapes – Varieties And Health Benefits

White grapes were the second variety of grapes to be cultivated, after red grapes. The only difference between these grapes and their red cousins is that red grapes contain anthocyanin in the skin, which is what gives them their color. They’re found in the produce section next to red grapes and unfortunately have been overshadowed by clinical studies focusing on the health benefits of drinking red wine and consuming red grapes. However, more recent clinical studies have shown that white grapes are just as beneficial for your health as the red varieties.

An interesting fact about white grapes is that they can sometimes have red skins. In the wine world, it is the color of the pulp, not the color of the skin that differentiates white and red grapes. White grapes could have red, green, brown, pink or even yellow skins. Their flavors also span the range of exotic and powerful to refreshingly fruity. Here are some of the most popular white grape varieties.

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The Chenin Blanc grape is grown widely in France where it is made into wines that are rich and sweet to dry and robust. This grape offers an amazing variety of flavors such as melon, honey, vanilla, lime, and guava. Furmint is a white grape is used to make the famous wine known as tokaji in Hungary. These grapes are very sweet and are used for making dessert wines. Garganega is a popular white grape grown in Italy and has the taste of green apples.

The Chasselas grape produces wine that has subtle flavors and is grown primarily in Switzerland, Germany, and France. Colombard is a popular white grape that is grown in warm climates all around the world in places such as California and Australia. It has a crisp and fruity taste. The Grüner Veltiner grape is grown primarily in Austria and used to make wines that are dry and full-bodied. These grapes age well and impart a piquant flavor.

The Gewürztraminer grape is quite distinctive and easy to recognize by aroma alone for many wine lovers. It has a unique aroma of roses and bacon. It is grown mainly in Alsace, France. Albariño grapes make dry wines of high quality. They are primarily cultivated in Spain and Portugal and impart the flavors of grapefruit, apricots, and peaches.

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You can enjoy the variety of flavors and health benefits by eating the grapes or drinking the wines that are made from them. It may be easier to buy the wines than it is to find the grapes if you are looking for an unusual variety. Studies have shown that white grapes are beneficial in the prevention of cardiovascular disease just like red grapes are. In addition, they are a good source of vitamin C, B6, and important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and selenium.

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