WordPress 101: What You Should Know About This Innovative Platform

The Internet can you imagine where we would be without it? Through this most brilliant of inventions, we are now able to communicate with anyone in the world within minutes, market and promote our businesses through the creation of aptly designed websites, shop for basically anything under the sun with just a few clicks, and much more.

There have been a lot of innovations that have sprung up because of the Internet. And one of these, WordPress, is considered to be one of the most helpful, especially for those who are seeking to promote and advertise their work, hobby, brand, product, or service.

A brief history of WordPress

Did you know that WordPress started out as a blogging system? It was launched as far back as 2003 by founders Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. Since then, it has evolved to become this full-on content management system, or CMS, based on MySQL and PHP. This innovative software is now being used by millions of websites, and it is readily considered to be the most popular blogging system on the Internet today. As recently as September 2013, WordPress has been shown to have been downloaded over 6 million times by individuals around the world.

What can you do with it?

WordPress is an Open Source project, which means that it is a kind of software that can be freely used by anyone. It can also be edited or changed, as well as shared by web users around the globe. So if you would like to create a website about your food adventures, you can definitely make use of WordPress’ capabilities and features. Of course, businesses jumped onto the platform a long time ago. Enterprises have also made use of WordPress to promote and market their products and other offerings, and even Fortune 500 companies have taken full advantage of WordPress.

Using WordPress

First, WordPress needs to be downloaded and installed onto your computer. For this, you would need to have a web host which meets the minimum requirements of WordPress. WordPress’ current minimum requirements are a PHP version 5.4 or higher and a MySQL version 5.0 or higher. After you have downloaded and installed the software, you can begin making use of it and customizing it according to your needs and preferences. You can take advantage of a wide variety of plugins and widgets, as well as various themes that are found in the WordPress directory.

What makes WordPress inherently useful and convenient is not just because it is free software – it also has loads of features like the above-mentioned plugins and widgets, but the current version of WordPress can now support more than one blog per installation. You can now create multiple blogs on one installation that can be maintained by a centralized source. What this means is that you can even host several blogs and blogging communities, all from one dashboard.

Admittedly, just like any other software or platform, WordPress takes some getting used to. So if you are an enterprise wanting to take advantage of it but lack the time and effort to study it, you can rely on WordPress specialists who will readily convert your website to WordPress and help you with all administrative and maintenance tasks related to this unique, essential platform.

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WordPress 101: What You Should Know About This Innovative Platform

Did you know that WordPress started out as a blogging system? Since 2003, it has evolved to become this full-on content management system of MySQL and PHP

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